Dear Parents,

I’m delighted to be photographing the children at the C&K Peregian Springs Community Kindergarten during Photo Week (19-23 AUGUST) for their annual kindergarten photos.

I’ll be taking a series of natural individual portraits as the children play and enjoy the kindy's wonderful outdoor environment. A group photo of your child with their special friends and teachers will also be captured.  

Photo Week will take place over the following dates, so please add them to your calendar.


Group photo - 19 August

Individual photos - 19 & 20 August


Group photo - 21 August

Individual photos - 21 & 22 August

As I am a natural light photographer, there’s no intimidating studio set ups; just me and my camera. I start each individual portrait session by spending time engaging with your child and his/her interests. Once establishing a warm connection, I like to capture them in action, doing what they enjoy outdoors. This candid lifestyle approach in my experience leads to authentic portraiture reflecting real moments that families will cherish. The result of the time I spend with your child will be 3-4 individual portraits, available for purchase through my online SHOP.

I will be providing a secure and easy to use online registration, ordering and payment system, as well as a private online gallery (where you can view the proofs of all photographs taken of the children).

If you would like individual portraits taken of your child during Photo Week then please REGISTER BEFORE 16 AUGUST by clicking on the REGISTRATION button below. Only children who have been registered will be individually photographed, so don’t miss out!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via brookepetro@gmail.com



What should we expect to happen during Photo Week?

Photo Week will run like a normal kindy week with a regular program. The only difference is that I'll be there taking photos of the registered children as they play. I will aim to take the group photos at the start of the day when the children are fresh and looking their best :) 

What should my child wear?

There is no need to stress about wardrobe choices. Often the photos you cherish are the ones which reflect the honesty and spirit of the moment. Simply dress your child neatly in clean clothes that they feel comfortable in and ensure that their hair is tidy.  A general tip I give to all my clients is to avoid clothing that has text or clashing patterns. Other than that, it’s up to you.

What if my child doesn’t smile or want to be photographed?

Don’t worry. As a mother of four young children, and with over a decade of experience working with children (as a high school teacher, Junior Art specialist and professional photographer), I understand how to engage children effectively to capture their true nature in a warm, fun and friendly manner. I will be there each day during Photo Week, and will become a familiar face I’m sure your child will warm to. I am good at getting smiles and giggles, and engaging children with humour. However, a photograph where your child is looking away from the camera, or is focusing on an activity they love, can also be a beautiful portrait.

Why do some children have hats on in their individual portraits?

I do ask all children to kindly remove their hats for their individual photos. However, not all children feel comfortable taking off their hats during their session, so if that's the case, I don't force them.  I'd much rather get a great shot of them in the moment when they are happy and enjoying themselves. 

Do you take Sibling Photos?

Yes, absolutely. To request sibling photos, please enter your details in the sibling section of the online registration form.

Is upfront payment required?

Yes, a small pre-paid deposit of $10 is required and will be deducted from any orders you place through my online shop. All of the photographs are taken on a registration and pre-paid deposit basis, to be completed by August 16 via my online SHOP. If for some reason you don’t wish to purchase, then it’s not a problem; I’m happy to refund your deposit.

When and how can I view the photos and place an order?

Approximately 2-4 weeks after Photo Week, you will receive a link and password which will grant you access to a private online gallery (where you will be able to view the proofs of all the photographs taken of the children). Should you wish to purchase your child’s individual portraits, you can then visit my online shop where a range of digital and print packages are available for purchase. Orders are to be placed online within 10 days of access to the online gallery for the fastest possible turnaround. Once the orders are collected, all print orders will be printed at a professional print lab to ensure the highest quality prints are achieved. Print orders will be delivered to the C&K Peregian Springs Community Kindergarten for collection, approximately 4 working weeks after placing your order. If however, you choose to purchase a digital package, you will receive a link to your files for download within a week of placing your order.