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Kids love to play, so let’s do what they love to do to and have some fun - use our imagination, collect objects from nature, inspect bugs and flowers, wiggle, dance, draw, chase and chill. You know your kids best and we’ll have plenty of time during your pre-shoot consultation to chat about your family and plan a session that will personally engage them.

If you look at my documentation of my own family (on Instagram or my Blog), you’ll see the phase I’m in right now with 4 young children. Like many families, it’s not picture perfect; in fact it’s quite often the opposite - it’s chaotic, busy and exhausting but also full of life, love and energy; all precious times we never want to forget.

I love all my photo sessions to be centered around the experience itself, the way you connect with each other and the emotions that unfold in our time together. Let’s take perfection out of the picture and find the magic in the spontaneous unplanned moments when you start to let down your guard and fall into that space of being the real you - don’t worry I’ll help you get there!

I adore creating the natural style of imagery that stems from play because it’s these types of images that gain traction and power in years to come. They keep pulling at your heart strings over time as they retain meaning through their depiction of genuine emotion.

Being calm and relaxed by nature, I bring a fun lifestyle approach to each photo session.

I can’t wait to hear more about your family and start planning!

Please contact me to learn more about my photography sessions and current pricing for 2019.