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Hi there! I'm Brooke and I am a photographer based in the beautiful Noosa district on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I specialise in maternity, newborn, childhood and family photography, and absolutely love my job. 

To me there was nothing better as a child than knocking off from school and heading straight to the creek to build rock pools, swim, swing on vines and go rock hopping. Then there were my family holidays - long hot summer days camping at Byron Bay - the smell of toast on the camping stove, the deafening sound of cicadas, and the feeling of collapsing on the hot sand, ears full of water after riding the waves on my boogie board for what seemed like hours.

My childhood was magical and as a photographer this is what drives me to capture beautiful lasting memories for you with light, colour, authenticity and spirit. I love photographing kids and families as they are, and the raw emotions that come with them. I am calm and relaxed by nature and bring a fun lifestyle approach to each photo session.

Alongside working professionally as a photographer and Visual Arts teacher for over a decade, I am also a mum to four young beautiful children who constantly remind me why I love doing what I do.