Hi there! To gain access to your child's portrait gallery, please click on your childcare/kindergarten centre below and enter the password sent to you by email.


Not quite sure how to go about ordering? No problem. Below is a step by step guide to viewing and ordering your child's portraits. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email


Your child's portraits are all displayed within your childcare/kindergarten centre's gallery. Your child's name and image number is displayed below each photo of your child eg. Eli Petro-1.jpg. This is important to remember as you will need to select your child's image number when purchasing digital and prints products.  


Once you've viewed your child's portraits within the gallery, head over to the shop by clicking the SHOP link. The SHOP displays and describes each product/package available for purchase. 


To order any of the digital products or packages, simply click on the digital product or package you wish to purchase, click Add To Cart and fill in the relevant fields when prompted.  View your cart by clicking on the cart icon and then proceed to Checkout.


Step 1 - View your child's portraits in your childcare/kindergarten centre's gallery. Decide on the images you want to purchase, the print size and the quantity. 

Step 2 - Head to the SHOP and click on the first print size you wish to purchase (eg. 5x7 inch print). Select the image number from the Image Number drop down menu and then the quantity require from the Quantity drop down menu. Click Add To Cart and then enter your child's full name and class in the boxes provided when prompted.

Here is an example of how to purchase prints. If you wanted to order two 5x7 inch prints of your child's third image in the class gallery, you would go to the SHOP, click on the 5x7 inch Print icon, select 'Image 3' from the Image Number drop down menu and then select '2' from the Quantity menu, then click Add To Cart.  If you then decided to order one print of your child's 1st image but in an 8x10 size, you would return to the SHOP, click on the 8x10 inch Print icon, select 'Image 1' from the Image Number drop down menu, select '1' from the Quantity drop down menu, then add it to the cart.


Once you've added the products/packages you wish to purchase to the cart, view your cart and review your order. Please check your order carefully, ensuring all details are correct. Once you are satisfied with your order, click CHECKOUT and proceed with payment. Don't forget to enter your discount promo code at checkout to receive your $10 deposit back off your final order. Happy shopping.